Frequent Questions

Your Wedding Video is very important so if we didn't answer your question below you are welcomed to email or call us. Our contact info is: or (310) 713-1861. 







Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1. When will we receive our Wedding Video? 
After the wedding day it will usually take 6 to 8 weeks. We strive to have your wedding video ready for you as soon as possible. You are welcome to pick up your Wedding Dvds at our home office or we can safely mail them to you in our well packed Dvd shipping boxes. If raw footage is requested we can have it ready in 1-2 weeks depending on our workload.

2. Who will be our Cinematographer for our wedding? 
You can be assured that your wedding video will be personally videotaped by Jon Seki (cinematographer / owner ) or one of our few cinematographers that were personally trained by Jon. We will notify you if one of our other highly qualified cinematographers will be shooting you wedding. You will have to meet the cinematographer before your wedding day. Each cinematographer hired are first apprentices. They must learn our techniques and creative style to the fullest. After 150 hours of camera operation and assisting on weddings they are scrutinized and reviewed before allowing them to be a cinematographer for Rainbow. They must be capable of capturing a wedding perfectly and without flaw. Our cinematographers are part of Rainbow’s exclusive wedding team.

3. How do we book Rainbow Photography & Video for our WeddingSimply email or phone us and we will be glad to send you our contract and information sheet. A 50% deposit is required to reserve your wedding date. The balance will be due at the completion of the reception. We accept personal checks or cash only at this time. 

4. Should I provide meals for the cinematographers?
Meals would be a welcome courtesy. Our cinematographers work hard from the beginning of the ceremony, to the end of the reception and a meal would help replenish there energy. May we also suggest that you ask the catering manager to serve the cinematographers toward the beginning of dinner or lunch and not at the end. This is required so we have enough time to quickly eat and be ready for after dinner events.

5. When will Rainbow Photography & Video need our beginning and ending songs?
We would like to have your songs (preferably on CD or email attached) at least by the wedding day. If you would like to send them beforehand this would be great. The sooner we get your songs we can start editing your wedding video. If you would like us to choose appropriate songs we can assist you.

6. Will the cinematographers be obtrusive and use bright lights?
During the ceremony we try to be as unobtrusive as possible and do not use any lights during the ceremony. We pride ourselves in being very low key and in the background while still capturing every special moment. We’ll also work with your wedding coordinator, photographer and DJ in making sure your day runs as smoothly as possible. Our professional cameras are designed to shoot in low light situations such as in darkly lit churches. At the reception we may have a small 25 watt light on the camera for lighting close-up situations. We do bring a light for illuminating the main events at the reception if needed. If a light is used we are very cautious to point it away from your guest whenever possible. A good light source at the reception helps capture the colors and sharpness of the event to the fullest. Lights used the right way will make your footage more cinematic and effective. If there is sufficient natural lighting we prefer that whenever we can and not use any lights.

7. What if your camera breaks down? Do you have a backup?
We always have a backup camera available onsite. We understand the importance of preparing for emergencies such as this and we also have extra videotape, batteries, light bulbs and audio equipment.

8. Can still photos be made from my wedding videotape?
If a cherished moment happens and your photographer wasn’t able to take a photo of it, but you see it on your wedding videotape, you can have Rainbow Video make 4x5’s or 8x10’s photographs from your videotape. The photographs will not be as good as your professional photographers photo but very close.

9. What is the best way to preserve and safeguard our Wedding Video?
The perfect way to preserve your Wedding Video is by transferring it to DVD. DVDs will last over 100 years unlike tape formats such as VHS, Hi-8, or Mini-DV tape cassettes. Your DVD will not break or be damaged by jamming in your VCR . Also, transferring your edited wedding video from our computer hard drives straight to your DVD makes it the best quality possible. To safeguard your Wedding Video you can have several DVDs made at once and store the DVD in a safe place. Also, DVDs do not take up much room and don’t need to be rewound. Our DVDs (DVD-R format) are compatible with most DVD players. Older players or off-brand players may not be compatible with DVD-R. For more information and a list of compatible players, enter here.

10. Can we add photos of our Honeymoon at the end of our Wedding Video?
Yes, you can add photos of your honeymoon trip and also photos of your bridal shower, rehearsal or any other photos that may make your Wedding Video more complete. If you have photos you want included in your Wedding Video make sure you get them to us promptly. It’s easier to include them when we are at the editing stage. (add $6.00 for each photograph).